Willow in Dorset garden Cattistock greengage Dorset apple blossom Children's playground in lockdown
Cattistock Spring trees Cattistock Roseanne Cattistock foxgloves Hammersmith agapanthus
Loch-an-Eilan snowflakes Bonnieux parapet Bonnieux fountain Bonnieux cedars


Isobel Johnstone is a Glaswegian who was trained in Edinburgh, but her work is full of colour and the light of southern places in England, France and Italy. The lockdown in early 2020 is represented by the enclosed landscapes of the garden and immediate vicinity of the house in the Dorset village of Cattistock where she 'shielded'. There is an eerie contrast between the insistent brightness in the foliage and flowers of Spring and the forlorn sense of spaces without people, not least in the deserted children's playground. Click on a 'thumbnail' to see a larger image and to read further details.

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