As a Glaswegian trained in Edinburgh, Isobel Johnstone's work is full of colour and the light of southern places. Venice is a favourite subject, and pastel has been a starting point for acrylics which require transparent effects. Oils are generally used for larger studies, of Venice, London and portraits. Bright pattern is a new preoccupation in recent still lifes and prints of African babies.

The first paintings of Venice were made from a rooftop altana near Rialto, but are now mostly from canal level. Recent acrylics are overlaid with aquatint patterns of the ironwork that is such a feature of the city.
London London
Trees and shadows play on familiar London streets and landmarks.
Still Life Still Life.
Fruit and flowers combine with printed textiles and are an excuse to go to town with colour.

As well as etchings, woodcuts and linocuts of city subjects and nature figure studies, inspired by a long-held fascination with Africa, follow on from last year's sunlit prints of Dog days.

In this section is arranged a broad selection of older work in reverse date order to provide a reference collection, to give a glimpse of the background and context to the works in the main part of the site.

To view examples, click on one of the 'thumbnails' above or on one of the subjects listed in the left margin. The artist is happy to arrange a viewing in her Hammersmith studio, by email or by telephone 07798 894 222. Other recent work may also be seen at the Rowley Gallery, 115 Kensington Church St, London W8 7LN or at the Russell Gallery, 12 Lower Richmond Road, London SW15 1JP. Prices range from 250 to 350 for framed pastels, from 250 to 900 for paintings, and from 35 to 70 for unframed prints and drawings.

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