Venice, Canal Grande palazzo Grand Canal and Ca' da Mosto Venice Lagoon Porta San Marco
Il Redentore Rio di Ca' Foscari Grand Canal and Fishmarket Fava
Albert Bridge, London Elgin Crescent Spring Sunlight Maple Branches Elgin Crescent Spring Albert Bridge, London


Trees and shadows play on familiar streets and landmarks in London, where Isobel now lives. In the city, architecture and engineered forms provide the structure and permanence that contrast with the more fluent forms and seasonal changes in nature. The effect of the seasons on the leafy view from a first-floor window was a frequent subject from a previous studio in Notting Hill. Venice is a favourite location: her first paintings there were made from a rooftop altana near Rialto, but are now mostly from canal level. Recent acrylics are overlaid with aquatint patterns of the ironwork that is such a feature of the city. Click on a 'thumbnail' to see a larger image and to read further details.

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